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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a distributor of excavator accessories wholesale and retail. Its partners are in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and the United States and other Southeast Asian regions. The main products are YN35V00048F1 Excavator Safety Locking Solenoid Valve KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122, product quality assurance, reputation first, customer first, welcome new and old customers to consult, join hands in creating a better future!

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Product Description

YN35V00048F1 Excavator Safety Locking Solenoid Valve KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122


 Product introduction

YN35V00048F1 Excavator Safety Locking Solenoid Valve KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122 An electric current through the coil creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field exerts an upwards force on the plunger opening the orifice. This is the basic principle that is used to open and close solenoid valves.


Product parameter(specification)


Hydraulic Pump Solenoid Valve

Part No


Model Number



OEM Standard

Quality Control

100% Inspection


Product feature and application

YN35V00048F1 Excavator Safety Locking Solenoid Valve KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122 Hydraulic solenoid valves are used to electrically direct hydraulic fluid to and from an actuator by shifting a spool or poppet within the valve. These valves can be 2-, 3-, 4-, or even 5-way valves shifted by either one or two electronic coils.


Product Details

1.The wire package adopts plastic particle injection molding to ensure high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

2.The valve body is heat treated to ensure the durability of the products.

3.The solenoid valve materials and material combinations must meet the quality requirements on-site

4. The use of high strength stainless steel material, the accuracy of positive or negative 1 wire, to ensure that the spool movement freely.

5.100% Quality Inspection to Ensure High Peformance.

6.YN35V00048F1 Excavator Safety Locking Solenoid Valve KDRDE5K-31/30C50-122

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