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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional comprehensive enterprise in the construction machinery industry integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. The main products are YN22V00001F8 Excavator Parts Main Relief Valve for SK200-6E SK200-8 Our products have been widely praised by customers around the world, and we look forward to establishing long-term, friendly, mutually beneficial and win-win partnerships with more and more customers.

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Product Description

YN22V00001F8 Excavator Parts Main Relief Valve for SK200-6E SK200-8 


Product introduction

YN22V00001F8 Excavator Parts Main Relief Valve for SK200-6E SK200-8 The constant pressure and overflow function of the relief valve: in the throttling adjustment system of the quantitative pump, the quantitative pump provides a constant flow. As the system pressure increases, the flow demand decreases. At this time, the relief valve is opened, so that the excess flow overflows back to the fuel tank to ensure the inlet pressure of the relief valve, that is, the pump outlet pressure is constant (the valve port often opens with pressure fluctuations)


Product parameter(specification)


Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Part Number


Model Number

SK200 - 6E SK200 - 8 SK250 - 8



Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

YN22V00001F8 Excavator Parts Main Relief Valve for SK200-6E SK200-8 Safety protection function: When the system is working normally, the valve is closed. Only when the load exceeds the specified limit (the system pressure exceeds the set pressure), the overflow is turned on, and overload protection is performed to prevent the system pressure from increasing (usually, the set pressure of the overflow valve is 10% to 20% higher than the maximum working pressure of the system


Product Details

1.When the single boom is lifted, the two pumps are combined to supply oil to increase the lifting speed of the boom. (Only when the boom is lifted)

2. When the stick moves alone, the oil is supplied by the dual-pump tables to speed up the stick action.

3.YN22V00001F8 Excavator Parts Main Relief Valve for SK200-6E SK200-8 

4. Rotation priority, when the rotation and the stick act at the same time, the rotation will be guaranteed first.

5. Electric sensors can be configured to meet the needs of electric control.

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