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Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production and trade. The main products are DSH164HR Fan solenoid valve spool for XE470 XE490, our products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also exported to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. We will serve your company wholeheartedly and establish a successful and friendly cooperative relationship with you.

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Product Description

DSH164HR Fan solenoid valve spool for XE470 XE490

Product introduction

DSH164HR Fan solenoid valve spool for XE470 XE490 The solenoid valve is composed of a solenoid coil and a magnetic core, and is a valve body with one or several holes. When the coil is energized or de-energized, the work of the magnetic core will make the fluid pass through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid


Product parameter(specification)


 Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Part Number


Model Number

XE470 XE490


Standard Size

Quality Control

100% Inspection

Product feature and application

DSH164HR Fan solenoid valve spool for XE470 XE490 The electromagnetic element of the solenoid valve is composed of fixed iron core, moving iron core, coil and other components; the valve body part is composed of sliding valve core, sliding valve sleeve, spring seat and so on. The solenoid coil is directly installed on the valve body, and the valve body is enclosed in the sealing tube, forming a neat and compact combination.


Product Details

1.long life

2.High pressure

3. high working efficiency

4.Quality assurance

5.R930058702 OEM Solenoid Valve Spool For SY 60 - 10


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