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Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the supply of excavator accessories. The main products are PV48K1337 Internal Combustion Drive Joystick Controls Pilot Valve, which provides a full range of high-quality replacement parts for excavators. With high-quality product quality and perfect management system, parts can quickly provide quotation and supply. Looking forward to our cooperation

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Product Description

PV48K1337 Internal Combustion Drive Joystick Controls Pilot Valve


1.product introduction

PV48K1337 Internal Combustion Drive Joystick Controls Pilot Valve This series of pilot valves is mainly used for the control oil line of a hydraulic system and enable control oil with low flow and pressure to control the output pressure of pilot oil so as to meet the requirement on working conditions of the system. The product can be adopted to control multiway valves and be widely applied to engineering machines like excavator.


2.product parameter(specification)


Joystick Control Valve

Part No

PV48K1337 / PV48K1330B

Model Number

SY215 LG920D EC210B


Same as the photo

Health Status


3.product feature and application

PV48K1337 Internal Combustion Drive Joystick Controls Pilot Valve The electrical components that pose the basic functionalities of a joystick are potentiometers and switches. An ATEX joystick has one or multiple potentiometers and/or switches that are ATEX certified. This ensures that the ATEX joystick is suitable for its intended purpose and that it can be used safely in hazardous environments, such as oil rigs, mining, and chemical plants.


4.product details

1.PV48K1337 Internal Combustion Drive Joystick Controls Pilot Valve 

2.control terminal and control decentralized electronics

3. There are four work stations. Two work ports output pressure when operating at 45° angle

4. Mainly used for low-pressure control circuit

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