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PAT 778322

Guangzhou Jianle Shun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacture, development and sales of excavator accessories. After years of development and innovation, we have the ability to sell thousands of excavator accessories. The operating products arePAT 778322 Black Excavator Connect Glue, A complete range of products, quality assurance. We adhere to the principle of seeking development with quality and providing satisfactory service better than products. We always believe that

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Product Description

PAT 778322 Black Excavator Connect Glue


1.product introduction

PAT 778322 Black Excavator Connect Glue Hydraulic couplings consist of two-bladed wheels that face each other, but that is not in physical contact. The pump wheel, or driving turbine, is connected to the driving machine. The turbine wheel is connected to the driven machine.


2.product parameter(specification)

Part Name

Excavator coupling

Model Number

CF - A - 140AS

Part Number

PAT778322 / PAT3683643


As Photo Show


100% New

3.product feature and application

PAT 778322 Black Excavator Connect Glue Changing the fill level in fluid couplings also allows the speed of the driven machine to be controlled. Additionally, hydrodynamic couplings protect the drive and the machine against damaging torque spikes. If necessary, the slip can reach 100%, meaning that the motor can continue to run in a stable machine range.


4.product details

1.PAT 778322 Black Excavator Connect Glue

2.For the misalignment of the shafts.

3.For mechanical flexibility.

4.Absorbs the transmission of shock loads from one shaft to another shaft.

5.Protection against overloads.

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