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Oil Pressure Sensor Suppliers

Guangzhou Jianleshun co., Ltd. is one of the factory and suppliers of excavator parts. We focus on oil pressure sensor, throttle motors, turbochargers, solenoid valves and other accessories for 10 years, with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force, excellent quality and service, products exported to more than 30 countries.

Oil pressure sensor is an important factor in the longevity of most internal combustion engines. With a forced lubrication system, oil is picked up by a positive displacement oil pump and forced through oil galleries (passageways) into bearings, such as the main bearings, big end bearings and camshaft bearings or balance shaft bearings. Other components such as cam lobes and cylinder walls are lubricated by oil jets.

Oil pressure sensor is small in size, easy to install, simple and reliable in structure design, and it is favored by many customers with CE certification and quality assurance. We also cooperate with kobelco, Hyundai, Daewoo and other brands.
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We are professional in manufacturing Oil Pressure Sensor KOVAX is one of the Oil Pressure Sensor manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also provide discount with our latest selling commodity. If you want to buy durable commodity, you can get low price from factory. Please contact us.