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Prohibited items for excavator operation


I believe that many people are very familiar with excavators. The use of excavators can quickly realize the excavation of soil blocks, which is very convenient, which is very important for improving construction efficiency. Of course, if you want to operate an excavator well, there is no way to master it without long-term training. There are also some prohibited operations during the use of the excavator. These operations are detrimental to the operation of the excavator and we need to avoid them. Let's take a look at what things are prohibited when operating an excavator.

1. It is forbidden to use the rotary force of the excavator power arm and bucket to compact the soil block or destroy the wall, etc. These operations will cause damage to the excavator accessories and even cause the excavator to roll over.

2. Do not use the bucket for excavation in the process of walking. Excavating with walking force will cause the back of the excavator to bear a large force, resulting in structural damage.

3. Do not allow the hydraulic oil to be operated to the end of the stroke during the operation. Doing so will reduce the service life of the excavator. During the operation, the hydraulic oil should be kept at a safe distance and sufficient space should be reserved.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the falling force of the machine in various parts of the excavator to excavate, otherwise the excavator will roll over or the power arm will be damaged.

5. During the driving process, the speed needs to be strictly controlled, especially in some places with many obstacles, it is strictly forbidden to roll over with full horsepower, which can easily cause excavator accidents.

6. It is strictly forbidden to allow the excavator to travel into the water beyond its allowable water depth. If the allowable water depth is exceeded, the water will enter the fan fan of the excavator and cause damage to the fan fan inside.

In the process of operating the excavator, we must first pay attention to its prohibitions. Only in this way can we fully guarantee the reliable operation of the excavator and avoid dangerous accidents.