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The solution to the noise of the excavator overflow valve


1. First of all, there is air in the oil used by the excavator, which causes noise. The air in the oil used by the excavator will lead to the formation of cavitation in the pilot front cavity, which will lead to the noise phenomenon of the overflow valve of the hydraulic parts of the excavator. At this time, if it is known that the fault occurs due to this reason, the air in the oil should be checked in time.

2. The wear of the needle valve of the excavator will make the cone surface of the needle valve and the valve seat unable to fit tightly, so the pilot flow of the excavator will be unstable, resulting in noise failure of the overflow valve.

3. The pilot valve of the excavator is unstable due to the deformation of the spring, and the pressure regulating function of the pilot valve is unstable, and the pressure fluctuates greatly, which will generate noise. If this is the cause of the failure, then the spring of the Kobelco excavator needs to be replaced in time.