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How to maintain the excavator engine cooling system?


The main maintenance methods of the excavator engine cooling system are:

1. Flush the radiator fins with high pressure air or water. Flush inward from the outside of the radiator first, then outward from the inside to remove any dust adhering to the radiator fins.

2. Fill the water tank with cleaning fluid and run the engine at idle speed for 20 minutes. After draining the cleaning fluid, refill the water tank with soft water and run the engine again for 20 minutes.

3. After cleaning, the space between the radiators should be carefully checked, and if it is dirty, it should be cleaned again. Open the water tank cover and the cover plate below the water tank, and place a container under the water tank. Open the drain valve to drain the antifreeze inside the tank.

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4. Regularly check the quality status of the fan blades. For the cooling fan system using hydraulic coupling, the fan coupler must be cleaned regularly. For example, the Deutz FL513 series air-cooled engine must be cleaned every 500h or more.

5. Maintain the normal temperature of the engine. After the engine is started, warm up to a coolant temperature above 45°C before starting full-load operation. The normal coolant temperature during full-load operation should be kept in the range of 80~90°C, and the height should not exceed 98°C. °C.

6. Open the left rear door and hood of the device and loosen the wing nut. Remove and clean the dust filters in front of the oil cooler and air cooler.

7. Stop the machine, drain the water after the engine cools down and add antifreeze suitable for the ambient temperature to the specified level.

The above are some maintenance methods of the engine cooling system briefly described by the manufacturer of professional Volvo excavator parts, which can be used for reference when you operate the machine daily.