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What are the taboos for excavator maintenance


Excavator maintenance taboo:
1. Butter smearing
The main function of butter is to lubricate and seal. Therefore, sometimes the repairman will smear butter on the excavator cylinder gasket during the maintenance process, thinking that this can increase the sealing performance of the excavator diesel engine. However, this approach is indeed terribly wrong. Because, if grease is applied to the cylinder gasket, when the cylinder bolts are tightened, a part of the grease will inevitably flow into the cylinder. The remaining butter on the outside will also cause a certain gap between the cylinder gasket, the cylinder head and the plane of the body after being affected by the high temperature, which reduces the original sealing performance of the cylinder gasket.
2. Never change the oil
Excavator oil plays a particularly huge role in construction machinery, and many repairmen attach great importance to it. They are added exactly as required by the standard. However, many repairmen forget to check the oil quality of the excavator and replace the oil. For a long time, only adding oil without replacing it will make many parts of the engine work in a poorly lubricated environment, and the wear caused by it is far beyond the normal state. Moreover, during the operation of the diesel engine, a lot of dirt will also enter the oil. If the oil is not replaced regularly, it is easy to cause accidents such as burning of tiles and shafts.
3. Excavator cylinder liner and piston products are installed without combination
Many repairmen think that new products should be standard parts when repairing. Therefore, when faced with new cylinder liner and piston products, it is often not to look at the specific size. In this way, the cylinder liner and the piston product of the excavator are often not matched. When the larger size cylinder is matched with the smallest size piston, the gap between the two will be too large and the compression will be weak.
Fourth, the excavator uses an open flame to heat the piston

In the process of installing the piston pin of the excavator, the excavator piston should be heated and expanded first. For the sake of convenience, many maintenance personnel put it directly on an open flame for heating. However, because the thickness of each part of the piston is uneven, heating it on an open flame will cause uneven heating, which is easy to cause deformation. Therefore, the correct heating method is to put the piston into the hot oil for heating.