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What is the necessity of daily inspection of excavators?


The excavator is a kind of mechanical equipment with this large and widespread use, and the scope of application is also very wide, not only on construction sites, but also in agriculture. This kind of equipment can also be used. After that, it can be convenient for all of us. However, safety accidents of excavators also occur from time to time. If safety accidents are to be avoided, daily inspection of excavators is necessary.

1. First of all, we need to check whether the oil level and coolant in the system are abnormal. If the amount is insufficient, it must be replenished in time. If it is contaminated or deteriorated, it must be replaced in time.
2. The places where the various parts of the excavator are connected also need to be checked by us. If any looseness is found, it should be solved in time.
3. Some parts are relatively easy to be damaged, such vulnerable positions should be checked in time, and if the damage is serious, they should be replaced in time.
4. The air pressure of the tires of the equipment should be checked, and the air pressure of the tires should be kept within a certain range.

5. The instrument panel and steering wheel of the excavator need to be checked to check whether they are normal. If there is an abnormality, it should be dealt with in time.