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What causes the excavator to vibrate abnormally?


Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the solution to the abnormal vibration of the excavator

1. Engine vibration

The engine is the main vibration source of the excavator. The engine displacement of the excavator is generally large, and there will be a lot of vibration during normal operation. Therefore, a flexible connection is adopted between the engine and the fuselage. Under the action of the buffer mechanism, the vibration transmitted by the engine to the fuselage will be greatly weakened, so that the vibration of the fuselage will be controlled within a reasonable range.

If the fixing screw of the engine foot pad is loose or the buffer block is fatigued and damaged, the connection between the engine and the fuselage will be loose, and the buffer mechanism will lose its function, causing the engine to shake violently when it is running, causing the body of the excavator to vibrate abnormally.

Solution: Tighten the fixing screw of the machine foot or replace the buffer block.

2. Vibration of slewing mechanism

When the upper body rotates, there is vibration, jamming, and a "crack" sound. It can be judged that there is a problem with the rotating mechanism. Since the rotating mechanism of the excavator is mainly composed of a set of planetary gear sets, due to impurities between the gears or excessive wear of the gears, the meshing between the gears is abnormal, which will cause the entire gear set to run poorly, and eventually cause the car to get on. Abnormal vibration occurs when the body rotates.

Solution: Check and clean the impurities in the planetary gear set. If there is any damage to the gear, replace it in time.

3. Big arm vibration

When abnormal vibration occurs during the lifting or lowering of the boom and the movement is not smooth, the basic judgment is that there is a problem with the hydraulic system. The one-way valve of the hydraulic cylinder of the boom is abnormally worn or the hydraulic oil contains impurities, which leads to the poor switching of the valve core and the discontinuous flow of the hydraulic oil, which causes the operation of the hydraulic cylinder to be stuck, and eventually leads to the abnormal vibration of the boom.

Solution: Check and clean the check valve of the hydraulic cylinder. If the check valve is excessively worn, replace it in time.

4. Cab vibration

Abnormal vibration is the vibration that can be perceived by the operator. When the fixed screws between the cab and the fuselage are loosened, the cab will shake more than the fuselage. Due to the principle of resonance, when the engine is at a certain speed, the driving Room vibration is especially strong.

Solution: Check and tighten the fixing screws of the cab base.

5. Vibration of hydraulic pump

The vibration of the hydraulic main pump can also cause abnormal vibration of the whole machine. The vibration of the hydraulic pump is mainly caused by the discontinuous flow of oil in the pump. Since the hydraulic pump generates high-pressure oil, once the oil fluctuates, it will inevitably cause vibration of the pump body. When the oil is mixed with gas, cavitation occurs, or there are too many impurities such as iron filings in the oil, the plunger is excessively worn, resulting in poor operation of the plunger, which will cause the pump body to vibrate. In addition, the oil supply pipeline of the hydraulic pump is blocked, and the oil supply of the pump body is not smooth, which will also cause vibration.