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The technique of saving oil in excavator


Just like driving an excavator, you can also pay attention to driving skills to save fuel and reduce damage to excavator accessories.

1. Don’t do ineffective actions
  Repeated digging during excavator operation will cause 100% fuel consumption. As an excavator driver, you should design the operation according to the actual construction scene, adjust the working height of the excavator, and try to avoid invalid actions.

2. Do not overload
  Excavators have their own load standards. Excavation work exceeding the standard load will cause pressure drop and increase fuel consumption. Avoiding the overload of the excavator can save a lot of fuel. If you don’t believe me, try it.

3. Do not idle the engine
  When the excavator is idling, it will "secretly" generate fuel consumption. For example, a 20-inch excavator works for 8 hours, and even if it is idling for 1 hour, it will consume a small 20 catties of fuel! So, never let the engine idle!

4. Reduce the engine speed
  When the excavator engine operates at high speed, the walking speed will also increase, and the fuel consumption will also increase.

5. Control the working range of the stick
  The depth of the excavator follows the working range of the boom and the bucket, which is quite different. If the working range of the stick angle can be adjusted to 30 degrees on the inside and 45 degrees on the far side, it can save fuel instead of operating the stick to the end of the cylinder.

6. Reduce the rotation angle of the work
  There is also a more fuel-efficient method, which is to reduce the hovering angle of the excavator and the loader during operation, and improve the fuel consumption efficiency by shortening the operation cycle.

7. Regularly clean up the soil
  Clean up the soil sticking to the walking device in time after each project. Too much soil will increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, the excavator accessories manufacturers remind the operators to develop a good habit of regularly cleaning the walking soil.

8. Control the digging angle
  When the excavator is working, don't adjust the stick extension to 90 degrees at the beginning. At this time, although the force of the oil cylinder to push the excavator is large, the fuel consumption is also large. If you adjust the working angle of the stick to about 80 degrees, the fuel consumption will be reduced. will be relatively small.

9. Pay attention to the mining order
  Do you want to know the way to save time, trouble and effort? Then remember to start the work from both sides of the trench when digging the trench, and then dig the middle, grasp the digging sequence, and easily reduce the fuel consumption.

10. Segmented excavation to reduce the scope of work
  When excavating, do not think that large-scale operation from the bottom to the top can improve work efficiency. On the contrary, if the operating range is increased, the power of the excavator will be reduced, and the fuel consumption will also increase. Lots of oil.