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The reason why the excavator burns oil


The reason why the excavator burns oil

1. Blue and black smoke is emitted from the lower exhaust during the excavator operation, and the oil consumption is also more than usual, which means that the excavator burns oil, which may be piston ring wear, large valve clearance, large valve guide clearance, wrong piston installation, etc. cause.

2. The clearance between the cylinder liner and the piston is too large, or the piston oil ring is stuck or broken.

3. If the oil burning phenomenon is accompanied by oil dripping from the lower exhaust, it is likely that the piston ring is severely worn or broken.

4. Burning oil, if the lower exhaust is not very serious, it may be caused by the poor sealing of the turbocharger. At this time, it is recommended to remove the tubes at both ends of the turbocharger to see if there is any oil. If there is oil, it means that the turbocharger is faulty.

5. In addition, the poor sealing of the engine valve oil seal will also cause the excavator to burn oil.

6. Add too much oil.

7. The excavator uses oil with a low viscosity.


1. First, check whether the oil level of the excavator has exceeded the upper limit of the oil gauge.

2. Check the turbocharger, loosen the hoses at both ends of the intake and exhaust, it should be dry normally. If there is oil, there may be a problem with the turbo, causing the oil to flow from the turbo to the exhaust pipe.

3. Pay attention to the exhaust pipe when it is first ignited in the morning. If there is thick black smoke and a clear smell of oil, it may be the turbo oil.

4. Check whether the exhaust gas of the engine exhaust pipe is heavy or not. Normally, you should see light smoke at most. If the exhaust gas is very heavy, or even dripping oil, it is time to repair the engine.

5. In addition, turbine oil channeling is generally less oily, and the exhaust pipe should be checked.

6. The oil should be selected correctly, and the oil with the corresponding viscosity and type should be selected according to the requirements of the excavator, and the oil should be selected reasonably according to the seasonal changes or different regions; the diesel engine must use diesel oil, and cannot be replaced by a gasoline engine. Oils cannot be mixed.