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What are the common faults of excavators


First, reduce the effect of temperature

At work, the temperature of each accessory has its own normal range. For example, the temperature of the general cooling water is 80-90 ° C, and the temperature of the hydraulic transmission system hydraulic oil is 30-60 ° C. Below or exceeds this range, the wear of the parts will be accelerated, causing lubricating oil to deteriorate, resulting in changes in material performance. To this end, in the process of use, the following two points should be achieved: the editor of the Volvo engineering mechanical accessories.

1. To prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure the normal operation of the low -speed pre -temperature stage, so that the accessories can be carried out or working after reaching the prescribed temperature. Do not ignore its important role because there is no problem at that time.

2. To prevent the accessories from running at high temperature, the values on various temperature tables should be checked frequently during the operation of the accessories, and the problems are immediately stopped for inspection. The fault is found in time. For those who cannot be found for a while, the accessories must not be handled without processing. In normal work, pay attention to check the working conditions of the cooling system. For water -cooled machinery, it must be checked before daily work to add cooling water; for air -cooled machinery, the dust on the air -cooled system should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the cooling wind channel is smooth.