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What is the main function of the sensor


A sensor is a device that converts non-electrical physical quantities into electrical signals that are easy to use. It is the "sensory organ" of modern information technology. Compared with human sensory organs, it has great advantages. Because of this, it is widely used in various fields of our production and life and plays a very important role.
Cars and Sensors
At present, the application of sensors in automobiles and the measurement of relevant parameters such as fuel margin. It is not only limited to the driving speed, driving distance, and engine rotation speed. Due to the increasing number of automobile traffic accidents and the harm of automobiles to the environment, sensors are in some new installations.
Such as automobile airbag system, anti-theft device, anti-skid control system, anti-lock brake device, electronic transmission control device, exhaust circulation device, electronic fuel injection device and automobile "black box" have been practically applied. It can be predicted that with the development of automotive electrical technology and automotive safety technology, the application of sensors in the automotive field will be more extensive.

Sensors and Environmental Protection
At present, the global air pollution, water pollution and noise have seriously damaged the ecological balance of the earth and the environment on which we live. This situation has attracted the attention of all countries in the world. In order to protect the environment, various environmental monitoring instruments made of sensors are playing an active role.