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Function and working principle of electronic control system of CAT excavator


The electronic control system of the Cat excavator controls the output of the engine and hydraulic pump through the controller. The excavator controller determines the position of the adjustment lever in the engine adjuster through the engine speed apoptosis controller. The excavator controller can also confirm the power mode through the power mode switch mounted on the switch plate. The excavator controller processes the information and sends a pressure signal to the hydraulic pump, which can provide the optimal output power based on the equipment load and engine speed.

The electronic control system has four main functions:

(1) When the load of the excavator is large, the system will provide a large discharge volume to the main pump and output the maximum power suitable for the engine.

(2) According to the load condition of the equipment, the system is set to 3 different modes, and the output power mode of the excavator hydraulic pump is controlled to the optimum power mode, so that the equipment runs at the optimum speed and reduces fuel consumption.

(3) When the excavator is empty or under load, the system will automatically reduce the engine speed, improve fuel consumption and reduce noise.

(4) The excavator system controls the solenoid valve with micro-motion control and rotation priority, so that the machine can perform simple ground leveling or vertical trimming of the inner wall of the tank.