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Storage of excavator parts


The storage of excavator accessories construction equipment is an important task for heavy equipment maintenance. Construction equipment may be being trimmed after a period of heavy work, but don't forget to take care of it in your spare time, as it is prone to rust. For long-term storage, care should be taken to keep your excavator parts in good condition.

1. Excavator accessories work construction equipment should be parked in a dry place. When parking outdoors, choose to level ground and cover with a shield.

2. Before long-term storage, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of construction equipment, repair damaged parts, and conduct thorough cleaning to keep excavator accessories in good condition.

3. The project pays attention to the arrangement of the parked machines, leaving enough space between the machines to avoid collisions.

4. Put the excavator accessories throttle lever and other levers in the idle position.

5. Turn off the water to the engine. Change the oil because the new oil will not corrode the excavator parts. Diesel fuel is added to the tank to avoid rusting, and preservatives are also required when conditions permit. During storage, start the engine once a month to move the excavator accessories a short distance in the lubricated position to form a new oil film.

6. Remove the battery and put it in a dry place. Do not place conductive objects on the battery. Lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.

7. Apply lubricating oil to the exposed metal parts of excavator accessories to avoid rust.

Storage of construction machinery is an important task in maintaining heavy equipment. Don't forget to keep and clean your excavator accessories after heavy work as this is the best chance for rust.

The three main factors of wear, corrosion and aging will make some functions of excavator accessories fail. Among the three, wear and tear is responsible for most damage to machine parts. To reduce machine wear, we can find solutions from the source, such as using the best materials, using advanced manufacturing technology and reasonable mechanical structure design, and more importantly, adequate lubrication. According to reports, half of the mechanical failures of excavator parts are caused by poor lubrication. Depending on the compactness and precision of the connection of the parts, good lubrication can provide natural working clearances and suitable temperatures for the parts, thereby reducing wear rates and machine downtime. How to do good lubrication? The first step is to choose the right lubricant. In general, lubricating oil should be selected according to the type of excavator accessories, application structure and working environment. The second step is to regularly check that the quality and quantity of lubricating oil remains in an effective state.

Impurities may be generated by the machine during the working process, which will cause great damage to the parts of the excavator. It is reported that when the impurities increase by 0.15%, the wear rate will be 2.5 times the normal value. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the machine well, especially when working in a complex environment. Rain and air pollution can lead to corrosion of excavator parts, which will also increase wear and tear, so the machine should be protected from water or air pollution in advance.

Each part of excavator accessories has its own operating temperature range. For example, the coolant temperature should be 80-90°C and the hydraulic oil temperature should be 30-60°C. Temperatures, below or above the normal range, can deteriorate the lubricant and increase machine wear. What's more, this excavator accessory should be set to idle for a few minutes before starting work at a lower speed. Avoid operating machines at too low or too high temperatures and overload.