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Analysis of cleaning methods for assembled Doosan excavator parts


Assembling a Doosan excavator is an indispensable large-scale machine in the construction industry, but no matter how big the machine is, it needs to be assembled one by one. Small parts can form a tool, but for a long time. After use, the small parts need to be cleaned by everyone, because in the case of long-term use, some parts are more likely to be damaged, because the working environment is relatively harsh, coupled with the lack of timely maintenance and the like to work under long-term high-load conditions , so the parts will fail, but how should we clean it? Here we take a look.
  1. For the cleaning parts of the excavator, we need to remove the dust and dust on the parts. The cleaning of the dust is very simple. We can wipe it with a soft brush. However, it is very troublesome to remove the accumulated dust. Some friends will use a scraper to remove it, but it cannot achieve the effect of complete cleaning, but will scratch the machine parts. So we have to choose a scientific method to remove it, and then use a brush to completely remove it.
    2. There will also be scale on the surface of some parts, like the yellow scale in the kettle, which is difficult to remove. Removing limescale is also chemically removing it. Add the chemical solution to remove scale into the coolant, then let the machine run for a certain period of time, then drain the coolant with the chemical solution and replace it with new coolant. But we need to use a special cleaning solution for cleaning.
    3. Too much oil on the machine parts will also affect the normal operation of the machine. We can use a scraper to remove large pieces of oil, and then stubborn oil, but do not use a scraper to remove it, it will cause damage to the parts. Can be removed with cleaning solution. I can shave lightly.

    If we understand the above cleaning methods of excavator parts, we can operate and clean them at home. We must keep the excavator parts clean so that it will not be difficult to work, so that everyone's work efficiency will be improved, and it will be extended. The working life of the excavator, we will explain this place in today's article. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Jianleshun Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. The editor has more relevant knowledge to share with you. Share it.