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XCMG Excavation Parts: What should I do if the excavator fails to start?


There are two cases of failure to start, one is long-term failure to start, and the other is temporary failure to start. If it is a long-term failure to start, especially in winter, your excavator may be going to the "hospital". It may be due to air leakage of the valve or too much piston ring clearance, resulting in insufficient compression temperature, or other reasons. A professional repairman is required. If it is temporarily unable to start, for example, it has been working normally before, but suddenly it cannot be started, or it cannot be started just after it is stopped and restarted. In this case, we can troubleshoot the cause of the problem. First, check if the power is on or not, and second, check for insufficient fuel or blocked pipes.

Here are a few things to consider when investigating the cause:

1. Start the switch, no sound means no power

Excavator accessories manufacturers suggest to check whether the battery pile head is in poor contact or burned out. For some models, it is recommended that you first confirm whether the hydraulic main switch is locked, because there are many models, when the hydraulic main switch is not turned on, it cannot be started.

2. The start switch is on, but the speed is slow and the sound is weak

It means that the battery power is insufficient. The excavator accessories manufacturer recommends to check whether the generator belt is normal, and can measure the power generation. If it is normal, usually, it is necessary to contact a professional repair master.

3. The speed and sound of the starter motor are normal, but they cannot be started

It means that the oil has not arrived. It is recommended that you clean the diesel pipeline to see if it is blocked. The two easily blocked points are the small filters at the bottom of the diesel tank and the hand pump. It is also possible that air has entered when the filter element is replaced. Loosen the exhaust screw and pump the oil with the hand oil pump to remove the air.

4. The cold car is easy to start, but the hot car is difficult to start

Different from the usual understanding, the symptoms of this situation are that it is easy to start in the morning or when the temperature is low. After the water temperature of the machine rises to a certain temperature, it cannot be started after turning off the flame and restarting. Wait until the machine cools down. Reboot.

If after several investigations and processing, after starting the engine, it is found that the excavator does not move, and if the hydraulic problem is ruled out, in principle, there are two reasons for this phenomenon.

The first is that the rubber block connecting the engine and the hydraulic pump is broken, causing the rotation of the main shaft of the engine to not be transmitted to the hydraulic pump. The probability of such a failure is relatively low.

The second is that your hydraulic main switch has failed. The hydraulic main switch of excavators usually has two designs, one is directly controlled by hydraulic components, and the other is controlled by electronic components. Now most of them are controlled by electronic components, but also More prone to failure and failure.