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Basic principles of construction machinery maintenance


Now the use of excavators is becoming more and more common, and industries such as construction and mining are inseparable from it. Regular maintenance of excavators can reduce machine failures, reduce excavator maintenance costs, and improve work efficiency and economic benefits. So where should daily maintenance start? Generally speaking, construction machinery maintenance mainly includes the following two aspects.

First, do a good job in the selection and management of fuel, other oils and lubricants. The working environment of the excavator has changed, which means that the fuel used must also be changed. Different brands of fuel with qualified quality should be selected according to different ambient temperatures, so as to avoid inferior fuel with high content of paraffin and sulfur, which will cause damage to the engine; diesel fuel should be Keep it clean and pollution-free, and do not mix impurities, dirt and water, otherwise the fuel pump will be worn out prematurely; open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water before daily operation, and fill the fuel tank with fuel after the operation to prevent water droplets on the inner wall of the fuel tank. Other oils include engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc. The selection and storage of these oils is also the same as that of fuel oil. Oils of different grades and grades cannot be mixed; it is necessary to ensure that the oil is clean and prevent the mixing of sundries; oil of different grades should be selected according to the ambient temperature and use, and the viscosity should be selected at high ambient temperature. Large oil and low ambient temperature should choose oil with relatively low viscosity; gear oil has relatively large viscosity to adapt to large transmission loads; hydraulic oil has relatively small viscosity to reduce fluid flow resistance. The function of lubricating oil (butter) is to reduce the friction on the surface of the object, thereby reducing the wear of the moving surface and preventing noise. When storing grease, it should also be kept clean and free from other impurities, such as dust, sand, etc. It is recommended to use lithium-based grease G2-L1, which has good anti-wear performance and is suitable for heavy loads; Try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to prevent sand from sticking.

Second, do a good job in maintaining the filter element. The function of the filter element is to filter impurities in the oil circuit or gas circuit, preventing impurities from invading the system and causing failure; use pure filter elements that meet the requirements of the machine; various filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual). Check whether there is metal attached to the old filter element. If metal particles are found, diagnosis and improvement measures should be taken in time.