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New product - Doosan diagnostic tools


Doosan Data Monitoring System DMS-5 Version 1.6.3 2016.09 With Diagnostic Tool

Doosan DMS-5 v1.6.3 2016.09 description of the catalogue:

The Doosan Excavator/Wheel Loader Monitoring Program (also called "DMS-3")

offers the following functions by connecting Controller (EPOS or VCU) with the user's IBM PC compatible PC.

1. Monitoring: You can monitor the current status of equipment installed with Controller (EPOS or VCU).
2. Graph Output: The major excavator/Wheel Loader sensor data will be displayed ina graph format. The data can be saved in the hard disk. You can check theexcavator/Wheel Loader's performance through data comparison and analysis.
3. Force Operation: You can use vehicle diagnosis by forcing Controller (EPOS or VCU) outputs.
4. Diagnosis: You can check the real-time and past malfunction history maintained by Controller (EPOS or VCU).
5. History Data: You can analyze the work patterns when using an excavator/Wheel Loader, by checking the operation hours, filter/oil information, and daily operation information.