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Volvo Excavator Gear Pump Parts Replacement


Volvo excavator gear pump parts are one of the very important parts of excavators. The gear pump must be installed correctly to ensure the normal and efficient work of the excavator. The requirements for the gear pump in the installation are as follows:
1: Introduction of Volvo excavator gear pump accessories:
1. The driving shaft of the pump is not allowed to bear radial force and axial force. For example, when installing the connection, the length of the spline sleeve cannot exceed the effective length of the spline of the pump drive shaft.

2. The oil suction height of the pump is not more than 0.5m, and the diameter of its oil inlet pipeline should ensure a flow rate of 2m/s. Keep the oil inlet pipe and flange of the pump free of air leakage.

3. The installation coaxiality between the driving shaft of the pump and the output shaft of the prime mover shall not be greater than 0.05mm, and the perpendicularity between the installation plane of the pump support and the stop shall not be greater than 0.05mm.

Two: Volvo excavator gear pump parts replacement steps
1. Use special tools to assemble and disassemble the gear pump to avoid breakage. The gear pump must be matched with the corresponding cylinder and ring groove, and there should be no confusion. Be sure to check the elasticity and light leakage according to the original regulations, and calibrate at the same time various gaps.

2. Install the gear pump according to the structure, shape, missing angle direction and the prescribed order. The order cannot be reversed to avoid reverse installation. Before the piston of the gear pump is installed into the cylinder, the positions of each ring port are evenly distributed according to the circumference of the piston. Prevent air leakage and oil channeling.

3. At the position of the gear pump opening, if there are 4 piston rings, the openings of the first and second rings should be 45 degrees from the center line of the gear pump, and at the same time staggered by 180 degrees from each other. In the case of a 3-channel gear pump, the centerline of the piston pin and the opening of the first ring should form a 30-degree angle, and each ring should be separated by 120.

4. Clamp the gear pump ring with a hoop made of iron sheet, and then tap the top of the gear pump lightly with a wooden hammer to guide it into the cylinder.