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What are the taboos for Komatsu accessories maintenance?


We have to learn reasonable maintenance to make our Komatsu genuine accessories more reasonable and reduce the damage to the accessories. Today, let us teach some novice friends how to pay attention when maintaining Komatsu genuine accessories?

1. Reasonable fastening accessories are very important in maintenance and mitigation. For the newly purchased Komatsu accessories, it is necessary to carry out reasonable tightening when using them. The bolts in many parts have specified torque requirements, so we need to have a correct grasp.

2. Reasonable selection of maintenance tools. Scraping is a difficult job. Because the technology of scraping is difficult to master, it is not easy for the bearing to meet the technical requirements. Therefore, scraping is used when maintaining accessories. Maintenance is performed in an inappropriate manner.

3. Change the oil regularly. Oil plays a cleaning and lubricating role in the maintenance of our Komatsu genuine parts. Once impurities appear, it will affect the working efficiency of the entire machine. Therefore, it is very important to check the amount of lubricating oil and to replace it regularly.