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Maintenance of solenoid valve


Solenoid valve is one of the components that our industrial equipment must use, so it is definitely not enough to just use it without maintenance, so the following will introduce the maintenance of the solenoid valve.
1. It is recommended that the user unit assign a special person to be responsible for operation and maintenance.

2. Regular maintenance 1-2 times a year is the best way to make the solenoid valve work reliably and longevity. The following four conditions inside the solenoid valve are the reasons that hinder the normal operation of the solenoid valve and shorten its life.

1), the medium changes during use

2), rust inside the pipe

3) The oil of the air compressor is oxidized, resulting in carbon particles, tar and other sundries, which are mixed into the pipeline

4) There are impurities such as dust particles and dirt in the pipeline

3. When the solenoid valve is installed or put into operation again after long-term deactivation, the medium must be introduced to try to act several times, and it can be officially used after it works normally.

4. When the steam valve is put into operation after being out of use for a long time, the condensed water should be drained and the action should be tried several times, and it can be officially used after working normally.

5. Before maintenance, the power supply must be cut off and the medium pressure must be removed.

6. The coil assembly should not be disassembled.

7. When disassembling the solenoid valve for cleaning, kerosene and other solutions can be used, but it should be noted that the rubber parts may swell, so they need to be replaced.

8. After dismantling and cleaning, various parts should be restored to their original state in order.

9. Our company has wearing parts. If necessary, please follow the instructions when ordering.