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To solve the heating phenomenon of the excavator accessories cylinder, you can follow these three methods


There are three solutions:
1. The components used for pressure regulation are mainly relief valves and safety valves, and the system pressure is adjusted according to the standard. In the system of the variable pump, the safety valve is used to limit the high pressure of the system and prevent the system from overloading. In the quantitative pump system, the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic pump is regulated by the relief valve. The pressure value of the control valve should be adjusted strictly according to the standard in order to reduce the energy loss.

2. Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil should be selected according to the brand recommended by the manufacturer, the working environment and temperature factors of the machine. In the winter in the north, it is better to use low-condensation hydraulic oil. When the maintenance of hydraulic components and systems is inconvenient, anti-wear hydraulic oil should be used. For some machines with special requirements, special hydraulic oil should be used.

3. The radiator should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and maintain good heat dissipation performance. The working environment of construction machinery is poor and there is a lot of dust. The dust and oil on the outer surface of the radiator will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator.

Before using the excavator accessories, the lubricating parts such as the bearing bushes should be lubricated. After starting, it should be put into operation when the water temperature reaches 40℃-50℃. It is strictly forbidden to overload or work at low speed for a long time. Before stopping, the load should be unloaded and the speed should be reduced. After stopping in winter, when the water temperature drops to 40℃-50℃, drain the cooling water, except for the engine that has been injected with antifreeze. Regular maintenance of the engine should be done regularly to keep the machine running in good condition. It is necessary to observe and inspect frequently, find faults, and eliminate them in time.