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Volvo excavator filter parts installation method


Volvo excavator accessories oil filter replacement steps:

1. To drain the waste oil, first take out the waste oil, put it into the bottom of the oil pan, open the oil drain, and drain the waste oil. When using oil, try to let the oil drip over a period of time to make sure the used oil is clean.

2. Remove the old oil filter element, move the old oil tank to the bottom of the filter element, and take out the old filter element. Be careful not to get oil in the machine.

3. Prepare the oil filter before installation. There are two installation methods for the oil filter. The common one is vertical installation, and many small excavator filters are installed horizontally. The installation method is different, and the filling oil is also divided into two situations. Vertically mounted oil filters, which are connected to the oil pump through oil lines, are generally recommended for users to replace the filter with an oil-filled filter.

If the new filter does not contain oil, the new internal filter can create air resistance, which can lead to wear on structural components when the car is under oil lubrication for a short period of time in the machine. The advantage of the vertical installation method is that the filter element has better sealing performance and less leakage. The installation method of the oil filter element The oil filter is installed horizontally, it is not through the pipeline, it is directly connected to the oil pump, the air resistance is designed with the filter inside the oil tank The filter will not be installed before the filling machine without injecting new oil into the filling machine in advance. The oil tank, oil filter can be directly filled with oil.

4. Install a new oil filter, check the installation position of the oil filter at the oil port, and remove oil stains and residual waste oil. Before installation, set the sealing ring at the outlet of the oil port, and then slowly tighten the new filter element, do not tighten it, usually after manual tightening, unscrew 3/4 turns. Note that when installing the new filter, use the wrench without excessive force, otherwise the inner sealing ring of the filter element will be easily damaged, resulting in poor sealing effect and unable to obtain the filtering effect.

5. Add new oil to the fuel tank, pour the new oil into the fuel tank, and use a funnel if necessary to prevent the oil from falling off the engine. Check for leaks in the lower part of the engine after filling.