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How to reduce the wear and tear of genuine Komatsu excavator parts


Equipment maintenance and delays in construction will add a lot of cost to the construction. In many cases, the parts of the excavator are worn out and need to be replaced. Next, I will introduce three aspects that need special attention to help you reduce the wear and tear of the original parts of the excavator.


1. Keep the parts at a reasonable temperature

    At work, the temperature of each excavator accessories has its own normal range. Too high or too low temperature will affect the strength of the parts, so it is necessary to control the temperature of some parts with coolant and lubricating oil, so that they work within a reasonable temperature range.

2. Keep working at rated load

    The nature and size of the working load of construction machinery have an important influence on the loss of mechanical parts. Typically, wear on parts increases with load. When a part is subjected to a load higher than the designed working load, its wear will increase. Under the same conditions, stable load will wear less parts, less failure and longer service life than high-frequency dynamic load.

3. Prevent corrosion of excavator accessories

    The corrosion of excavator accessories is sometimes not easy to find, easy to be ignored, and more harmful.
    Rainwater, chemicals in the air, etc. penetrate into the machinery through the pipes and gaps of the mechanical parts, corroding the parts. Continued work of the corroded parts will also accelerate the wear of the machinery and increase the mechanical failure. This requires managers and operators to adopt reasonable construction arrangements according to the local weather conditions and site conditions at that time to minimize the harm of chemical corrosion to mechanical parts.

    Paying special attention to the above three points can reduce the wear and tear of the original parts of the loose excavator, and prevent the damage of the original parts of the loose excavator from affecting the progress of the project.