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How to deal with the inability of hydraulic excavator to walk?


This situation may have also been encountered: walking is weak, it is normal when walking on a flat road, but when a little resistance is encountered, the walking is weak, and it is slightly better when backing up, and the machine is difficult to turn.

We check item by item in the order of "mechanical part first, then hydraulic system".

Check the walking deceleration section first. Since the machine has forward and backward movements when it is working, the power transmission between the travel motor and the travel drive wheel is also normal, the oil level and oil quality are also normal, and the external excavator accessories are not damaged, so the possibility of this part of the fault can be ruled out;

Then check the travel motor, first support the right crawler, no obvious abnormal noise and jam phenomenon were found when turning the crawler, and the left crawler was also normal;

 Check the hydraulic pump, if the hydraulic pump is not working properly, it will affect all the movements of the machine, and the machine operates normally except for walking, and the working pressure of the front and rear hydraulic pumps is also displayed normally on the monitor;

 Continue to check the control valve. Due to limited conditions, only the size of the stroke and the flexibility of the valve stem action are checked, both of which are normal; check the central rotary joint, if there is leakage inside the central rotary joint, the high-pressure oil will have a large walking resistance. Part of the oil flows to the oil return pipe, which can also cause weakness in walking. Since the internal leakage of the joint can only be judged by dismantling, this part is temporarily used as a doubtful excavator accessory.