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What is the reason for the serious wear of the hydraulic pump of the excavator?


The severe wear of the excavator hydraulic pump has a fatal impact on the excavator, so we must be able to solve such research problems in a timely and effective manner. Maintenance of excavators The first hydraulic excavator was successfully invented by the Poclain factory in France. Due to the application of hydraulic technology, there were ground-mounted excavators equipped with hydraulic backhoes on tractors in the 1940s. Common excavator structures for repairing excavators include power units, working devices, slewing mechanisms, operating mechanisms, transmission mechanisms, walking mechanisms and auxiliary facilities. The three most important parameters for excavator maintenance: operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity.
(1) Check the inner leakage of the boom cylinder

The easiest way is to raise the boom and see if there is a noticeable free fall. If the drop is obvious, remove the cylinder to check, and replace the sealing ring for wear.

(2) Check the control valve

First, clean the safety valve, check whether the valve core is worn, and replace it if it is worn. If the safety valve has not changed since installation, check the control valve spool for wear. Its clearance limit is generally 0.06MM, and it should be replaced if it is seriously worn.

(3) Measure and control the pressure of the hydraulic pump

If the pressure is too low, the pressure still does not rise during adjustment, indicating that the hydraulic pump is seriously worn.
Three parameters important for excavator maintenance: operating weight (mass), engine power and bucket capacity. It is necessary to perform routine maintenance, replace bearings and aging seals, and repair friction pairs with clearances or replacement parts to restore their performance. Maintenance of hydraulic pump:

There is also hydraulic pump oil, which is supplemented with liquid oil through a pump body sub-pump to supply pressure oil to the oil inlet of the hydraulic pump. The self-priming ability of the pressure pump is very strong. 1. The oil supply form of the hydraulic pump is the pressure of the straight shaft swash plate, which is the self-priming oil supply type of the pump plug force. The oil tank with air pressure is used for the hydraulic oil of the high pressure pump. No external fuel supply. If the hydraulic cylinder is found to be slowing down or blocked, the hydraulic pump should be repaired immediately. Check whether the edge of the impeller is scratched and whether the internal gear pump clearance is too large. For self-priming oil, the oil in the pump plunger pressure tank must not fall below the lower limit of the oil standard, and the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient to hold the required oil. The cleaner the hydraulic oil, the longer it will last.