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Komatsu parts need to be replaced regularly to prolong their life


When the Komatsu engine is used, the Komatsu engine accessories play an important role in it. The accessories may be worn and damaged due to various conditions during use. At this time, it is necessary to replace the substandard accessories. The replacement of Komatsu parts will greatly affect its service life. When replacing Komatsu parts, you need to pay attention to the points in order to prolong the life of Komatsu parts.
Komatsu Machinery drives the whole machine away from the work site when it is hot after working every day, raises the screed, and uses tools to remove the hopper, screed, scraper, auger, travel system, rammer and frame. All parts with residual asphalt should be cleaned up. In addition to using a special shovel, if necessary, use a fuel injector to spray diesel oil to wash Komatsu accessories.

1. When replacing Komatsu accessories, pay attention to mastering the technical requirements. For example, when installing the cylinder liner, the upper plane should be about 0.1 mm higher than the plane of the body, otherwise the problem of air leakage will easily occur.

2. Because the models of Komatsu accessories are different, some accessories are not universal. When replacing, pay attention to the model of Komatsu accessories.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning work no matter what Komatsu accessories are replaced, especially the cleaning of impurities and sludge, which will cause wear and tear of accessories, so pay attention to cleaning.

The production technology of Komatsu parts is the key to improving product quality, and has a very important impact on improving the quality of Komatsu machine parts. However, some manufacturers do not have technical strength, so the quality will eventually be reduced. Therefore, users choose When using this kind of product, we must pay more attention. Different manufacturers will have different workshop environments. Therefore, some manufacturers will also reduce the quality of products when the workshop environment is insufficient. Therefore, when users use this service It is necessary to pay more attention to this aspect.