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How to deal with the heating problem of excavator accessories?


Abnormal heat dissipation of heat pipe

①After the heat pipe radiator has been used for a long time, the dirt inside it will also thicken relatively. Because the thermal conductivity of the dirt is poor, the heat pipe will dissipate abnormally.

②The ventilation opening of the heat pipe radiator is blocked. When the engine is running, due to the effect of the cooling fan, the dust will pass through the heat pipe radiator with the air pressure. When the dust adheres to the flat tubes and fins of the heat pipe radiator, it will not only reduce the air circulation cross-section of the heat pipe radiator, but also cause the heat transfer function to be too poor due to the factors of dust and dirt, which will lead to abnormal heat dissipation of the heat pipe. .

③The engine belt is deviated, and the cooling power of the cooling system depends on the fan speed. If the transmission belt of the cooling fan is too loose and deviated, the driving force transmission effect will be reduced, which not only reduces the fan speed, but also reduces the heat dissipation. The rotational speed is also reduced. The reduction in engine displacement makes the cooling circulating water flow slowly, and the heat cannot be taken away quickly, that is, the heat pipe has abnormal heat dissipation.

④The heat dissipation strength adjustment control system is damaged. The excavator accessories shutters and thermostats are the heat dissipation strength adjustment control system. If the heat dissipation strength adjustment control system has a system failure or the operation method is not handled properly, the engine temperature will be too high. The shutter is set in front of the heat pipe radiator to adjust the ventilation flow of the heat pipe radiator. When the opening degree is large, the ventilation volume is large, otherwise, the ventilation volume is small when the opening degree is small. When the shutters are not open, the cross-section of the cooling air flow is smaller, as a result of which the engine temperature rises.

⑤The thermostat is damaged. The thermostat is located at the drain of the engine. Its function is to adjust the heat dissipation. That is, when the engine temperature is low, disconnect the water circuit of the large circulation system and connect the water circuit of the small circulation system to reduce the heat dissipation and make the engine temperature higher. Rapid rise; when the engine temperature rises to the standard temperature, the thermostat will connect the water circuit of the large circulation system and turn off the water circuit of the small circulation system. If the thermostat is damaged, the water circuit of the large circulation system cannot be connected, resulting in an abnormality in the cooling circulating water circulation system, resulting in that the heat absorbed by the cooling circulating water cannot be brought to the heat pipe radiator for dissipation and the engine overheats.

⑥The cooling circulating water is frozen When running in winter, the temperature of the cooling circulating water in the lower water chamber of the heat pipe radiator of the excavator accessories is very low and easy to freeze.

Insufficient cooling circulating water

The cooling circulating water is the carrier of heat generation in the heat dissipation circulation system, that is to say, the heat dissipation that needs to be taken away in the engine body is taken away by the water carrier. If the coolant in the cooling system is reduced due to leakage or volatilization, It will inevitably take away the calorific value in the body and reduce it, so that too much calorific value is accumulated in the engine, that is, the engine is overheated. The main factors that cause the reduction of cooling circulating water are as follows:

① Leakage of the heat dissipation system Water seepage is often caused by the damage of the water seal of the water pump, the cracking of the pipeline or the loose connection of the joint, the water seepage due to the damage of the heat pipe radiator, the damage of the drain switch or the lax shutdown, and the water seepage of the heater equipment, etc., which will cause the heat dissipation system. The cooling water circulation is reduced, thus causing the engine to overheat.

②The water in the air cooling system is volatilized due to temperature hazards, which will also reduce the cooling circulating water in the system. If the supplementary operation is not timely, the engine will be overheated and the excavator accessories will be damaged.