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The structure of excavator accessories


I want you to know about Liugong excavator accessories, so are you still looking forward to the explanation of excavator accessories this time? Let's not talk much, and start to enter the theme to have a deep understanding of excavator accessories.

The structure of Liugong excavator accessories
Excavator accessories are mainly divided into two parts: mechanical accessories and electronic accessories.

1. The so-called mechanical parts are purely mechanical parts to provide power support, mainly including hydraulic pumps, crawler belts, grab buckets, bucket teeth, booms, engines, etc.

2. As the drive control part of the excavator, electronic accessories are used to drive the mechanical parts to perform reasonable work, mainly including computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil suction pump, etc.

The mechanical parts and the drive control part are complementary to each other. The electronic control part is used to drive and coordinate the orderly work of each mechanical part. The condition of the mechanical part is generally fed back to the electronic control part through the electronic parts, and then effectively coordinate the work of the excavator. , to achieve its high work efficiency.

Precautions for excavator accessories

Prevent the hydraulic oil tank of excavator accessories from entering water. When the excavator is working normally, the hydraulic oil tank is fully sealed, and there is a certain pressure in the tank. If it enters the water, the oil in the tank will cool down and a vacuum will be generated. After reaching a certain value, air will be inhaled, and there is a breath on the upper part of the tank. In some excavators, the breathing port is led to the middle and lower part of the hydraulic oil tank. If the water level reaches the breathing port of the fuel tank, water will be inhaled. At this time, the port should be raised to a higher position than the water surface.

Prevent water or sediment from entering the engine of excavator accessories. The first is that the water entering the engine is mainly easy to enter the cylinder from the air filter; the other is that it enters the crankcase from the exhaust pipe of the engine. Once water or sediment enters, it needs to be handled by an excavator accessories technician.

Emergency treatment of electrical parts. Once the excavator falls into the water, immediately pull out the fuse, remove the battery cable, remove the computer board and other excavator accessories, and other professionals will handle it.