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What should I pay attention to when replacing excavator accessories?


The replacement or misuse of excavator accessories is common, regardless of the type of accessories. During repairs, replacement or misuse of spare parts is still common. Emergency replacement of some spare parts is feasible, but there is no benefit in long-term use, affecting the safety and technical function of the machinery.
Some excavator maintenance personnel know little about the mechanical structure and principle, and many types of spare parts do not match, but they think that as long as they can be installed, they will not think about whether the actual function of the machine can be achieved. For example, a 4120F diesel engine should use a 350-watt generator, and a 500-watt generator wastes electricity; ZL50 loader uses QD274 starter, while QD50 starter is difficult to start due to insufficient power; valves and rocker arms are not common, but often mixed Phenomenon. This makes starting and reducing power difficult. It has even become a serious machine damage problem.

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The 6135ZD turbocharged diesel engine starts smoothly after replacing the original piston (turbocharged type) due to misuse of the non-turbocharged diesel piston. Therefore, when repairing the excavator, you should try to use the original accessories, do not use other types of accessories, and do not misuse them.

TL180 bulldozer, the air filter core is damaged, the operator does not immediately replace it, and the mechanical use time is short. This shortcoming is caused by neglecting the maintenance of "small parts" and should be used as a warning.