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Fault Analysis of Volvo Excavator Parts


Common reasons for Volvo excavator parts flame out

1. There is a problem with the computer board of the Volvo excavator;
2. Or there is a problem with the solenoid valve of the excavator;
3. The air filter element of the excavator is dirty or broken;
4. The oil circuit of the Volvo excavator engine is blocked;
5. Insufficient supply of diesel oil, air intake;
6. The hydraulic oil filter is blocked;
7. The mediator is stuck;
8. In addition to the above reasons, the diesel used by the Volvo excavator is too poor, which will also cause the excavator to stall;

Generally, the failure of Volvo excavators is caused by the fact that the power of the hydraulic pump of the excavator is greater than the power of the engine, which leads to the phenomenon of the excavator stalling or even stalling. Therefore, after the failure occurs, it is necessary to first check whether the power of the excavator hydraulic pump matches the power of the engine. The inspection method can be to reduce the power of the excavator hydraulic pump, and then see if the Volvo excavator is working normally. Check the oil supply system of the engine to see if the oil supply pipeline is blocked, or if the filter element is dirty, if the hydraulic oil filter is blocked by dirt, etc.