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Application of pressure sensor in construction machinery/hydraulic station


The function of the sensor in the construction machinery/hydraulic station is mainly to convert different kinds of non-electricity into electric output devices according to certain rules, so as to facilitate the operator to effectively analyze and adjust the state of the controlled device. The main functions that the produced PPM-T222H pressure sensor and PPM-T322H pressure sensor can achieve in the construction machinery/hydraulic station are as follows: 1: The sensor controls the engine condition. 2: The sensor controls the hydraulic system. 3: Control of multi-integral functions of sensors.

   What are the applications of pressure sensors in construction machinery/hydraulic stations? There are many applications of hydraulic transmission system in construction machinery, such as: excavator transmission on excavators, vibration mechanism of vibratory rollers, including walking systems, steering systems and servo systems of modern construction machinery.

 The pressure sensor that controls the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system mainly completes closed-loop control. It is worth noting that when the control spool moves suddenly, it will not form a peak that is several times the working pressure of the system in a short time. If the traditional sensor does not have Good anti-shock and anti-overload ability, it is very easy to have problems during use, and PPM-T222H and PPM-T322H pressure sensors are specially designed for hydraulic systems, with good anti-shock and anti-overload capabilities. condition, has a good service life.