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The role of the turbocharger


People who buy and install a mechanical turbocharger should not use it on a turbocharged car, but must be installed on a naturally aspirated car. Since it is naturally aspirated, if such a thing is installed in the middle of the intake duct, it has no power itself. Z is mostly to change the small direction of the airflow. It can probably be understood as the principle of the air conditioner in the car to adjust the wind direction, that is, by adjusting a set of blades. The angle is just to change the wind direction. It is completely impossible to "supercharge" the wind speed through this thing, and it can only affect and reduce the wind speed more or less. In the intake duct, it can only play a negative role of obstruction, even if the negative effect is small, there are some, at least these iron sheets reduce the cross-sectional area of the inner diameter of the intake duct.

Be careful when choosing an oil. Due to the action of the turbocharger, the quality and volume of the air entering the combustion chamber are greatly improved, the engine structure is more compact and more reasonable, and the higher compression ratio makes the engine work harder. The machining accuracy is also higher, and the assembly technical requirements are stricter. All of these determine the working characteristics of high temperature, high speed, high power, high torque and low emissions of turbocharged engines.