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Excavator online fault diagnosis system and method


An excavator diagnostic tool is used for an on-line fault diagnosis system and method for construction machinery, in particular to an excavator on-line fault diagnosis system and method, which belongs to the technical field of excavator fault diagnosis. Hydraulic excavator is a complex mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated construction machinery and equipment, and its maintenance is very professional. In recent years, my country's excavator industry has developed rapidly, but problems such as backward technical force and lack of technical personnel have gradually been exposed. The hydraulic excavator has been transformed from the previous dominant position of machinery and hydraulics to a typical electromechanical-hydraulic integrated product. Simple intuitive judgment can no longer meet the maintenance requirements of the machine, and it also puts forward higher requirements for service and maintenance personnel. With the extensive use of electronic control and monitoring technology in hydraulic excavators, modern microelectronic technology, sensor technology and intelligent fault diagnosis technology can not only be used to realize intelligent control of the machine, but also through the collection and intelligent analysis of fault parameters, Improve and improve the fault diagnosis speed and maintenance quality of the excavator, eliminate the fault in the budding stage, and ensure the good economy of the equipment. In the field service and debugging process of the excavator, especially the control system, it is mainly through online debugging, that is, parameter setting or modification through the programming environment on a notebook computer or PC. In addition to the need to modify the program (not simply adjusting parameters) and must use a laptop or PC, in the actual field service and debugging process, online debugging mainly has the following three problems:
1. The laptop is bulky and inconvenient to carry.
2. The power is limited and the use time is short. The notebook computer can only last about 2 hours without external power supply. It is inconvenient to charge in the wild or in places with limited conditions, which affects the debugging work.
3. Non-control system programmers or inconvenient to provide control programs cannot debug the control system, and have the confidentiality and security needs of the core technology with independent intellectual property rights.
Based on the above reasons, a fast, convenient and portable online fault diagnosis and parameter debugging system is used for online fault diagnosis of excavators, parameter configuration, working data collection and analysis under various operating conditions, etc. It greatly facilitates the work of after-sales service engineers and debugging personnel of manufacturers.

Therefore, it is necessary for the online fault diagnosis system of the excavator to replace the online debugging in most cases. If the online fault diagnosis system can not completely rely on the maintenance experience of the field staff during the debugging process, the hydraulic excavator can be greatly improved in the field engineering process. It is possible to locate and eliminate faults in time. It can greatly improve the on-site service efficiency and quality of the commissioning service personnel. At the same time, it is of great significance to improve the intelligent level of the excavator and improve the quality and image of the excavator brand.

The excavator online fault diagnosis system and method can query and monitor more system parameters, set control functions, adjust parameters and conduct online fault diagnosis. Including online fault diagnosis instrument, main controller, EFI engine ECM controller, multi-function display and GPS controller. The controller, the multi-function display and the GPS controller are connected.
The hardware of the online fault diagnosis instrument is a general-purpose mobile Internet device MID in the market.
The online fault diagnosis instrument is connected with the CAN bus of the main controller through the online tool PCAN-USB.
The online fault diagnosis instrument, the main controller, the ECM controller of the EFI engine, the multi-function display, and the GPS controller form a local area network through the CAN bus.