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Removal steps of excavator flywheel


Steps to remove the flywheel:

(1) Remove the starter.

①Starter Remove the starter grounding cable.

②Remove the upper and lower nuts that fix the starter, and remove the starter from the flywheel housing.

(2) Remove the crankshaft position sensor to prevent damage to the sensor when removing the flywheel.

Note: Do not drop or drop the sensor when removing it, as the sensor is prone to vibration damage.

(3) Remove the washer and flywheel.

(4) To disassemble the flywheel ring gear, place a crowbar on the ring gear and tap it with a hammer to disassemble the ring gear, which requires the connection of front-end accessories such as a quality breaker.

Self-inspection of Hitachi excavator flywheel:

(1) Check the friction surface of the flywheel, and replace it if there are cracks and damage.

(2) Check the teeth of the ring gear, and replace the ring gear if it is damaged or severely worn.

1. Measurement of friction surface

Measure the depth of the friction surface of the flywheel.

(1) The depth of the friction surface of the flywheel, which is the distance from the pressure mounting surface to the friction surface.

(2) If the measurement exceeds the limit, replace the flywheel.

2. Installation

(1) Install the ring gear.

①Install the ring gear, heat the ring gear evenly with gas welding, and install it into the flywheel.

②When the ring gear shrinks, apply 68.6kN pressure to keep the ring gear flat. Notice:

a. When installing the ring gear, make the side of the belt die facing forward.

b. Heat-fit the ring gear to the flywheel to ensure that the flywheel and the ring gear are fully attached.

(2) Install the flywheel.

(3) Install and tighten the crankshaft position sensor according to the specified torque, tightening torque: 8N.m.

(4) Install the starter on the flywheel housing with a nut and tighten the nut according to the specified torque, tightening torque: 76N.m.

(5) Install the starter grounding cable.