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Motor Grader Variable Speed Solenoid Valve


How to check whether the grader variable speed solenoid valve is good or bad: first connect the controlled medium (liquid, gas and air with pressure, the pressure value is the middle value of the solenoid valve's operating pressure range) to the solenoid valve, and then energize the solenoid valve coil , if the controlled medium changes from on to off or from off to on, then the solenoid valve is good, otherwise there is a problem.
The automatic transmission solenoid valve may be broken due to a problem with the solenoid valve plug/socket: if the solenoid valve has a plug/socket, there may be a problem with the metal reed of the socket and the wiring problem on the plug (such as connecting the power supply to the power supply). The wire is connected to the ground wire) and other reasons, the power cannot be sent to the coil. It is best to develop a habit: screw the fixing screw after the plug is inserted into the socket, and screw the fixing nut after the valve core rod on the coil.

If the solenoid valve is broken, what will happen to the car? Because the solenoid valve is "long" above several control units of the entire gearbox, it is an important node for the change of oil pressure inside the gearbox (in fact, the change of gear position of our automatic gearbox is the change of oil pressure in the final analysis) , so the failure of the solenoid valve will cause many problems, such as the gearbox shifting, slippage, impact on the gear, unable to upshift and so on.