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Excavator water temperature sensor location


The excavator water temperature sensor is installed on the engine cooling water channel, near the thermostat at the rear of the cylinder head. Usually the (hydraulic) oil temperature sensor is on the steel pipe from the fuel tank to the main pump, and the water temperature sensor is usually located near the diesel engine water pump. It is easy to find, and the sensor ends will have wires and rubber sheaths.

一. The excavator water temperature sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, which is installed in the water jacket of the engine cylinder head and is in direct contact with the cooling water to measure the temperature of the engine cooling water. The water temperature sensor is also an electronic original device on the excavator circuit. If it is broken, there is basically no room for repair, only replacement. So how can you tell if the water temperature sensor is broken? The simple thing is to use a multimeter, and then use a hair dryer to heat the water temperature sensor. If the resistance value does not change, it means that the water temperature sensor is broken.
二, we can use the fault diagnosis instrument to check, but we need to pay attention to the inspection when the car is cold.

The symptoms of Volvo excavator water temperature sensor failure are as follows:

1. The indicator needle of the water temperature gauge does not move and points to a high position.
2. It is difficult to start the cold car, because the water temperature sensor is faulty, and the temperature signal of the hot car is displayed when the cold car is started. The ECU can not get the signal of the rich mixture, and can only provide the engine with a thinner mixture.

3. The fuel consumption increases, the idle speed is unstable; the acceleration is difficult, the accelerator is stepped to the bottom, and the engine speed cannot go up.