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What are the faults of the multi-way valve of excavator accessories?


The multi-way valve of the excavator sometimes fails to start or is difficult to start, which will directly affect the normal operation of the machine and cause project delays. So, what are the faults of the general multi-way valve?

The main faults of the excavator multi-way valve are:

1. The electrical system is faulty and the battery power is insufficient. At this time, the battery should be charged in time, the liquid level of the battery should be checked, and the electrolyte should be replenished to the specified height in time. If it is found that the battery is aged and poorly charged, the battery should be replaced, and at the same time, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the battery, and do not let the battery often run out of power.

2. The air resistance of the low pressure oil circuit, under the suction of the fuel transfer pump or the fuel injection pump, the fuel is sent from the fuel tank to the high pressure pump through the low pressure oil circuit. If the low-pressure oil circuit is not tightly closed, or the oil level in the fuel tank is too low, and the vehicle is parked and driven at an incline, air will take the opportunity to enter the oil circuit; if the temperature is high, the fuel will evaporate, which will also form air resistance in the low-pressure oil circuit, causing the engine to work. Unstable, automatic shutdown or engine won't start.

3. The common parts of the oil circuit blockage mainly include the oil suction pipe in the fuel tank, the filter screen, the diesel filter, the vent hole of the fuel tank cover, etc. The main problem causing the blockage of the oil circuit is the injection of substandard diesel oil, or the contamination of impurities during the refueling process. The key to prevention is to ensure the cleanliness of the diesel oil and the sealing of the oil circuit, perform regular maintenance on the oil circuit, strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of the diesel filter, clean or replace the filter element in time, clean the fuel tank in time according to the operating environment conditions, and completely remove the bottom of the fuel tank. Sludge and moisture.

The multi-way valve is one of the most important components on the excavator. The daily use of the machine must be properly maintained to avoid these failures.