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Why is the water temperature of the excavator too high?


1. Excavators operate in harsh environments all year round, and it is inevitable that a large amount of debris and dust will fall into the surroundings of the engine, so regular inspection and cleaning of debris around the machine can help reduce the water temperature of the engine.

2. Whether the cooling fan is working normally, it is also necessary to check whether the transmission belt is loose. If the transmission belt is too loose or too tight, the water temperature will rise rapidly.

3. Is there any debris in front of the cooler that blocks the movement of the cooling air? Too much oil on the engine surface will also affect the cooling.

4. If the water volume is too small, there may be leakage marks in the water tank. This is a daily maintenance operation. If the water temperature is high, check whether the water circulation is normal. The way to check is to touch the upper and lower water pipes of the radiator. If the temperature distance is larger, check whether the water pump is not working properly or the thermostat cannot be turned on.