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Do you know that the water pump of the excavator causes the failure of high water temperature?


Excavators are most prone to high water temperature failures. How to check whether the excavator water pump is working? Remove the thermostat, turn on the fire, run at idle speed and high speed repeatedly, press the water pipe to see if there is water passing through the water pipe, if the water pipe is hard, it means the pressure is normal, then open the water tank cover to observe whether the water flow speed is normal. What should I do if the water pump leaks? Open the top cover, disassemble the fan water blocking ring, check the inside of the water pump belt, open the bottom plate of the oil pan, and confirm the specific leakage location. If the oil seal of the water pump and the pad of the water pump are damaged, they can be replaced directly.

Pump doesn't drain? No drain on the pump. If you need to drain, you can open the drain switch under the water tank to drain. In addition, there is a drain plug (yellow) on the engine block, which can be opened for draining. How to replace the water pump? Loosen the bolts and remove the old water pump; use a scraper to remove the dirt on the joint surface of the water pump and the cylinder block and degrease, and then apply liquid sealant on the water pump Note: the sealant needs to be applied evenly without breakage, and the application width is 2-3mm , Apply sealant for 20 minutes and then install the water pump. The groove on the flange surface of the water pump should also be filled with sealant. Align the positioning pin of the cylinder block and install the water pump. PS: When installing the water pump, it is recommended to use guide bolts to prevent the dislocation of the liquid sealant.

The function and structure of the excavator water pump The function of the water pump is to pressurize the cooling water, so that the cooling water circulates in the cooling system. Centrifugal water pumps are widely used in automobile engines, which are composed of water pump casings, water pump shafts, impellers, and inlet and outlet pipes. The transmission mode of the water pump is gear transmission, and the speed of the water pump is 1.5 times the speed of the diesel engine. Water pump installation and maintenance parts. Working principle When the water pump impeller rotates, the coolant in the water pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, and is thrown to the edge of the water pump casing under the action of centrifugal force, and then is pressed to the engine through the outlet pipe on the casing that is tangential to the impeller. inside the water jacket. At the same time, the pressure at the center of the impeller decreases; the coolant in the radiator is sucked into the pump cavity through the water inlet pipe, so that the coolant in the entire cooling system circulates.