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Excavator wiring harness use, maintenance and safety issues


Due to its own convenience, wire harnesses are widely used in home appliances, computers, automobiles, aviation, and heavy machinery and equipment. The quality of wire harnesses has always been the top priority of wire harness buyers. Then, how to effectively maintain the wiring harness and reduce the hidden dangers during the use of the wiring harness is also a problem that wiring harness customers need to actively understand.

For excavators, due to its complex operating environment. The wear rate and aging degree of the wiring harness are improved. If these problems are not discovered in time, it is likely to cause damage to human and machine, resulting in major safety accidents.

Necessary routine maintenance reduces wiring harness safety hazards

During the daily operation of the excavator, it needs to be checked regularly. Including the oil circuit, the power circuit, the fuselage is clean. Check the oil circuit to see if there is a loose oil circuit device and oil leakage. Check the power wiring harness for scratches, wear, aging, and other problems such as exposure.

Due to the above problems, the wiring harness is required to have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance. This can effectively prevent oil leakage from penetrating into the wire core, resulting in corrosion of the wire core, causing short circuit, short circuit and other safety problems.

Reasonable purchase of wire harnesses to improve the service life of wire harnesses

When it comes to the maintenance of wiring harnesses, we have to mention the procurement of wiring harnesses. The procurement of wire harnesses requires the selection of professional and regular wire harness manufacturers. Strictly assess whether its feed, production and processing procedures, etc. are formal. And whether it can provide packaged procurement of related parts, etc. Haozhi Electronics, in terms of quality control, strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 quality system standard and standardizes the operation process. Can meet the high quality requirements of customers.

In short, the quality of the excavator wiring harness is related to the user's property and the operator's life safety. The problem of wiring harness aging should be worthy of the attention of car owners, and certain measures should be taken to delay the aging of the excavator wiring harness. Haozhi Electronics' suggestion to our customers: Users should always check the oil circuit, do not leak oil, and clean the body. Including the circuits around it, then the aging of the wiring harness can be delayed. Improve the service life of the excavator wiring harness.