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What are the consequences of the excavator engine not changing the oil on time


What are the consequences of the excavator engine not changing the oil on time?

Changing the oil If the oil is not changed on time, the oil pressure will be too low. The most direct consequence of low oil pressure is that it will cause semi-dry friction or dry friction between various mating parts, the engine will have obvious abnormal noise, and in severe cases, it will cause tile burning.

The following problems will cause the oil pressure to decrease: too little oil storage, resulting in no oil or little oil in the lubrication system; dirty or viscous oil, which makes the oil pump unable to effectively inhale and pump out the oil; thin oil or due to engine temperature High causes the oil to become thinner and leak from the gaps of the friction pairs of the engine.

It will also cause the problem of excessive oil pressure. Excessive oil pressure can lead to premature failure of the gasoline filter, causing carbon deposits in the engine cylinder and other failures. It will also reduce the life of the engine.

The following problems will cause the oil pressure to rise: the viscosity of the oil is too large (for example, the oil in winter is not replaced with the oil in summer); the oil is deteriorated and gelled, which reduces the fluidity of the oil; the filter element or the oil passage is blocked.

Not changing the oil on time will also bring about the problem of excessive sludge. Sludge is generally due to the high pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber entering the oil in the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and then mixed with the metal powder produced by the wear of the parts. Together, it accumulates slowly, and then sludge is formed.

It will lead to the increase of sludge, and the increase of sludge will lead to the blockage of the filter and the oil hole, which will cause the difficulty of engine lubrication, aggravate and then form the sludge.

The most serious consequence is the wear and tear of various mechanical parts of the engine, such as pistons and cylinders. Once there is a problem with the piston and cylinder, then the machine needs an overhaul, and overhaul is something every machine owner doesn't want to see.

Lack of oil, too much sludge in the oil, and decreased performance of the oil will lead to serious wear of the cylinder barrel and piston. If the oil is not changed in time, the above problems will basically appear, so it is very necessary to change the oil on time.