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Reasons for the Slow Movement of the Excavator


Reasons for the slow movement of the excavator
1. Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system is one of the power systems of the excavator. If the excavator moves slowly, it should be checked whether the hydraulic system can be maintained on time, and the hydraulic oil can be changed when it can be denied. Outdated hydraulic oil will not only affect the working effect of the excavator, but also corrode the hydraulic oil circuit and hydraulic components of the excavator. At the same time, you should also check whether the hydraulic oil circuit and the oil return filter element are blocked. If so, the oil circuit should be cleaned up, and parts should be replaced in serious cases.
2. Initiator power is too low
The initiator is also one of the power systems of the excavator. The output power of the initiator is too low, and the lack of power will lead to low output power, and then the excavator will stall, making the excavator move slowly. In addition, check the engine for black smoke. If the fuel injector is severely worn, it will also cause the engine power to drop and the excavator to move slowly.
3. Hydraulic pump
The lack of hydraulic pump output can also cause the excavator to move slowly. This is one of the transmission shortcomings of the hydraulic system. The operator can enter the service diagnosis system to perform the relevant pressure test to see if the excavator moves slowly due to the lack of output flow of the hydraulic pump.
The cold engine is normal, the warm engine is slow
When the cold machine of the excavator works normally, but the hot engine is slow, it is necessary to check:
1. Check the oil
Check whether the fuel used meets the requirements of the excavator. If the fuel has not been changed for too long, or the oil is too dirty, it is necessary to change the fuel. At the same time, if copper chips are attached to the oil inlet filter, it will scratch the main pump and cause wear. At this time, the filter should be cleaned.
2. The filter element is blocked
The blockage of the filter element will cause the oil circuit to be unsmooth. Therefore, when checking, it is necessary to check whether the pilot filter element, the oil return filter element and the oil suction filter element are blocked. If the filter element is blocked, it is necessary to clear the blockage material, and in severe cases, the filter element needs to be replaced.
3. Main pump conditioner

Since most of the excavator's daily work is dealing with the soil, the piston of the main pump conditioner is easily stained with oil, which causes the piston to block, the pump pressure of the main pump is reduced, and the output power is reduced, which makes the excavator move slowly. Therefore, during the daily maintenance of the excavator, it is necessary to clear the oil stains in various parts.

4. The slow action of the excavator is actually a signal to the driver and the owner. When the action is slow, you must carefully check the shortcomings of the excavator. Overhaul from these aspects, so that your excavator can return to "young" as soon as possible.