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The Reason Why the Excavator Moves Slowly (1)


The reason why the excavator moves slowly (1)
Whether you are an excavator owner or a driver, you all want your excavator to be full of power when working. However, some people say that after working for a period of time, their excavators become very slow, which will not only affect the working mood of the operator, but also delay the construction period and affect profits. The slow action of the excavator refers to the phenomenon that the excavator exhibits a slow walking or turning speed when the excavator is operating or operating the rotation.
1. Slow single action
It is assumed that the speed is relatively slow when operating a single operation such as walking, turning, lifting the big arm, and retracting the bucket.
1. Disadvantages of the parts themselves
That is, the performance of the moving parts itself is poor or the performance is poor during the implementation process, or the pressure of the safety valve of the related components is too low. If it is not normal, after determining the fault point, stop the maintenance and disposal.
2. Disadvantages of conduction process
That is to say, there is a defect in the process of command transmission, which hinders the transmission of the command signal. At this point, you can focus on checking the pump, pressure sensor and multi-way valve to see if there are any shortcomings.
3. Operating System Disadvantages
That is, the excavator's command sending system is short, resulting in the inability of the signal to be sent. This situation is generally more complicated and requires professional maintenance guidance. Operators or maintenance personnel can carefully check whether the relevant pilot oil circuit and solenoid valve oil circuit are defective.