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Reasons for the Damage of the Excavator Supercharger (1)


Reasons for the damage of the excavator supercharger (1)
1. Insufficient lubricating oil or delayed oil supply
(1) When the speed of the turbocharger and the load of the diesel engine increase, the oil supply of the turbocharger lubricating oil must also increase, because when the diesel engine is running at a high load and the speed of the turbocharger is very high, even for a short period of time. Insufficient oil supply to the turbocharger bearing in seconds will also cause bearing damage.
(2) When replacing the oil and oil filter, fill the filter with clean oil in advance. When starting the diesel engine after the change, keep the idling speed for a long enough time after the diesel engine is started until the oil pressure is stable before accelerating. , otherwise the bearings of the turbocharger may be damaged due to lack of lubrication during start-up.
(3) When the diesel engine is in
When working at an incline (partial load or full load operation), if the oil level is too low or air is sucked in, the oil pressure will drop, and even a short time may cause the supercharger to be damaged due to lack of lubricating oil.
2. External debris or sediment entering the lubrication system
The wear and damage to the turbocharger bearings is much more serious than the damage to the diesel engine bearings, because the turbocharger speed is much higher than the speed of the diesel engine. If this kind of damage occurs to the turbocharger, the cause of the oil dirt should be found out and eliminated, otherwise the damage will occur even if a new supercharger is replaced, and the diesel engine may be damaged if it develops. When the dirt particles mixed in the oil are large enough to block the oil passages inside the turbocharger, the supercharger can be damaged due to lack of lubricating oil.
When replacing the oil and oil filter, the oil sample in the diesel engine can be taken for analysis under conditions, which will help prevent the above-mentioned damage; the oil should be replaced according to the replacement period specified in the instruction manual. The filter must not be extended arbitrarily.
3. Oxidation or deterioration of lubricating oil
When the sludge state of the oil is serious, it will also affect the life of the diesel engine. That is, the rotary motion of the turbocharger shaft will throw the oil onto the inner wall of the casing, and the sludge will adhere and deposit on the inner wall of the casing. The sludge will be baked into hard coke due to the high temperature from the exhaust gas. When the coke peels off, the turbine end bearing and journal will be worn, and the oil seal will leak oil before the wear.
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