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Excavator Turbocharger Disassembly Steps


Excavator turbocharger disassembly steps
1. Remove the boost tube, then disconnect all tubes connecting the turbocharger.
Note: Loosen the connecting bolt of the cooling pipe, remove it after draining it, disconnect the lower part of it in the same way, and then remove the oil pipe. After removing each pipe, be sure to seal the oil hole and the hole on the cylinder block side to prevent impurities from entering. Remove the bolts that mount the exhaust pipe and turbocharger, and remove the turbocharger.
Note: Remove the turbocharger and seal the holes on the exhaust manifold side and the exhaust pipe side to prevent impurities from entering.
When installing, refer to the reverse order of disassembly.
Turbocharger - the tightening torque of the exhaust manifold, please refer to the reverse order of disassembly during installation.
1. Before installing the turbocharger, inject new oil into the turbocharger from the oil injection hole, and rotate the turbocharger by hand to keep the journal bearing and thrust bearing in a lubricated state.
2. Clean the oil pipes, oil hoses, cooling pipes and cooling hoses, confirm that the pipes are not damaged, and there are no impurities in the pipes. When installing, ensure that there is no oil leakage, air leakage or water leakage in each hose and its connection parts.
3. Soft washers, O-rings, washers, etc. must be new products.
4. Since the bolts and nuts of the turbocharger are made of heat-resistant steel, do not mix them with ordinary bolts during installation.
5. Do not use sealant to prevent the oil pipes and hoses from being damaged and tightening parts loose.
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